PolarPro Lens Cover/Gimbal Lock for Phantom 3

3.990 kr.

  • Protects Gimbal and Lens During Travel
  • Locks Gimbal in Place to Prevent Damage
  • Protects Lens from Scratches/Dirt
  • Fits Over Filters
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The Lens Cover / Gimbal Lock for Phantom 3 from PolarPro is designed to protect the gimbal and camera during transport. The lens cover pushes onto the gimbal, locking it in place to prevent scratches and dirt build-up on the lens, and it can even install over filters. Additionally, the gimbal lock prevents the camera and gimbal from moving freely while in transit. The lens cover is constructed out of a soft-touch, glass-filled nylon. It works with the Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional models.

  • Protects Phantom 3 gimbal and lens during travel
  • Locks gimbal in place to prevent damage
  • Covers camera lens to protect lens from damage
  • Compatible with filters installed
  • Push-on/off installation