Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced Landing Gear

3.990 kr.

Backup/Replacement Skids
Includes Compass
For Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced Only


The DJI Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced Landing Gear features a pair of replacement landing skids and the hardware required for installation. Landing skids are designed to protect the FPV camera and the quadcopter’s shell during landing and also to provide a stable platform when the aircraft is not in use. They are for the Phantom 3 Professional/Advanced; other Phantom models, such as the Phantom 3 Standard, are not supported.

Note: A compass is included with the landing gear. If the old compass needs to be replaced, you will need to open up your Phantom 3 during the installation process. If the old compass does not need to be replaced, please place the old compass inside the new landing gear during the installation process.

• Essential for protecting the FPV camera during takeoff and landing

• Keep on hand as a backup or use to replace the original set in the event of a hard landing